Flat Top

A weekend with my parents out of town made for an adventure with my brother and sister.

On a whim Friday night we raced fifteen miles out into the country to watch the sun set over a mesa we all call Flat Top, mainly because I wanted to take pictures of the sun setting over the mesa.

Sunrises and sunsets are my favorite focal points for my picture-taking. You can take a picture of a sunrise every morning for month and never have the same picture. West Texas sunsets are the best, with the flat horizon and very little trees blocking the view.

This particular night, the clouds added an interesting dynamic, and made for some beautiful colors across the sky.

The next morning we got up extra early and drove to the other side of the mesa, to take pictures of the sun coming up over it.

We found a beautiful spot to watch from, standing on a bridge over the now almost-dried-up Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River.

I do love that moment that the sun just barely peeks over the horizon. Even better when it hits just over Flat Top.

There is nothing like watching the sunrise.

Of course, a trip out into the country is never without excitement.

At least I now know how to change a flat!

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