Babies in a Tree.

Nothing can capture my heart like a cute baby animal. I absolutely love them. So when I heard some little chirps coming from a tree in our yard a few weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to climb up a ladder to get a peek.

Inside a nest built of twigs, dry grass, and remnants of last year’s cotton crop, I found the ugliest, cutest little baby birds you’ve ever seen.

The adorableness of these tiny, helpless creatures just tugged at my heartstrings.

A week later, my little fuzzy babies had started becoming my feathery babies. They weren’t quite so helpless and weak looking, but were still just as adorable… kinda.

The fuzz-feather combination makes their cuteness a little questionable. But how can you not love it?

Then one week after that- can you believe this is the same little guy you just saw?


He may be a little scruffy looking, but he’s definitely all grown up!

My little feathered friends have now flown the coop, off to make nests of their own. But hopefully the nest in the tree just across the yard will have some residents soon!

They grow up so fast!

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