After a rather adventurous morning of picture-taking, I decided to share my favorite all-time pictures, at least my favorites from the past few months, and the stories that go along with them.

Each of these pictures has a story behind it, which plays a large part into why it’s one of my favorites. In reading lots of photography magazines, I have learned I always appreciate a picture more when I know what the photographer went through to get it.

This is a strange picture at first glance. This was actually taken on the south edge of Abilene, of the back side of a thunderstorm that was rolling through. I was actually on my way home for Easter, but a tornado was blocking my path. Rather than go chase the tornado as I wanted to do, I waited the storm out in Abilene before continuing home. However, waiting the storm out didn’t mean sitting it out. Instead, I drove around the edge of Abilene, looking for good places to take pictures from. My favorite thing about this picture is it was actually taken on accident. I wasn’t looking particularly hard at what I was shooting at, I was trying to focus the lense on the clouds to get the best color. When I looked at the picture after I took it, I was amazed at the way the clouds, the sunset, and the lights of the town all worked together.

This picture makes my favorite list for several reasons. First, it was taken the day after I received my Aggie ring. For those non-aggies, getting your Aggie ring is a really big deal. Second, the background. The statue in the background is of E. King Gill. Again for non-aggies: E. King Gill was the student who is best known for being the first 12th Man, and starting a long-standing tradition of students always “standing ready” to help their team. And my final reason this makes the favorite list is how this picture was taken. In order to get this angle, I laid flat on the ground, pointing the camera up. My poor mom was dying of embarrassment as students and other parents walked by as her daughter was sprawled on the ground wielding a camera. A priceless mother-daughter moment.

This picture was taken at a stable where one of my friend’s keeps his horse. My friend had tied his horse up as he walked to the tack room to get something. I had brought my camera along and was snapping pictures of the horse from every angle I could think of. I had been trying to get a close up of the horse’s face, when I noticed my friend had wandered into the shot. This makes the favorite list for two reasons. First, I absolutely love close ups of horses’ faces, especially near their eyes. Horses have such pure, sweet gentleness in their eyes. Secondly, with my friend in the background, the first thing this picture made me think of was the pure calmness this horse had while waiting for its master to come back. If you can’t tell, I really like horses. And taking pictures of them.

Now for an action pic. This was during the bronc riding at our local rodeo. I like this picture mainly for the quality of the picture, with the dirt being kicked up by the hooves and the perfect freeze frame of the cowboy falling. I also like it because along with the freeze-frame quality, looking at it takes me back to the rodeo. You can hear the cowboys and the crowd yelling, smell the dirt that the horse is kicking up. So this goes for my favorite action picture.

This is my favorite sunrise picture-ever. This happened one random morning when I decided to get up early to take pictures of the sunrise. I had seen a tree (this tree) in the middle of a field, with nothing else around, and I knew it would make a good focal point for a sunrise picture. As I sat on the side of a road snapping pictures of what remains the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen, I notice a line of geese fly straight into the frame. I could not snap pictures fast enough. This goes for one of my all-time favorites because that was the morning the big man upstairs decided to show off his handiwork.

This picture is from the same morning as the last picture. This was actually one of the last pictures I took that morning. I took this as I was headed back to town. If I could pick a picture that could perfectly describe West Texas, this is it. A beautiful sunrise, and a pump jack in the middle of  a wide-open field.

This is the newest addition to my favorite list. This was taken this morning, after a rather interesting round-a-bout trip down random dirt roads. This is what is locally known as the Double Mountains. In a trip to the small town of Roby running an errand for my brother, I decided to take a different route home, in order to get a good picture of the mountains. In pursuit of the best picture, I cut up and down so many dirt roads I wasn’t sure if I’d find my way back or not, but after turning down the one you can see in the lower left corner of the picture, I was rewarded. The land opened out into what is almost a valley, with the rich red field providing a great contrast against the blue sky. After finding such a great shot, I’m guessing I will have to make another trip- if I can find my way back there.

While not near all my favorites, these are just a few of the pictures that I love, and keep me hauling my camera around, hoping for a few more.

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