Getting Lost

After a whirlwind couple of weeks, between vacation with my family and moving back to college, today I finally had some time to do my favorite thing- go driving down back roads to see what sorts of picture-taking opportunities I could find, and then hopefully find my way back. As the girl who once described the route from my hometown to Lubbock as “only two right turns”, directions aren’t necessarily my forte. (By the way, it was only two rights turns… just a few left turns in there as well.)

After several long months away from south Texas, I set out down a random road, and this is what I found.

After some long searching I actually found some green!

The prettiest scene I found was this old entry to someone’s farm.

The wood fence, the rocks , and old rusted pipe makes the entry have a beautiful, rustic look.

Normally I’m opposed to editing photos, but with the rustic entry way, I had to go with black and white.

I did manage to find my way back to town after all this. Maybe I’m not so directionally challenged after all…

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