Chasin’ Cows

Saturday as I was riding around my parent’s place back home, my brother’s best friend from high school, who I call my Other Brother, rode up in his truck with a trailer and a horse and told me to get in. He needed help catching some cows. Apparently these cows had been fenced in a pasture with an electric fence, but the cows, being thirsty on long hot summer days, kept hopping over it to get to a tank on the other side of the road, rather than walk to the other end of their pasture where their tank was. So my Other Brother had to go check a few times a day to make sure the cows were out, and catch them if they were.

When we got to the pasture, we saw a group of cows had escaped and were grazing in a neighboring pasture. So my Other Brother unloaded his horse, told me to drive the truck and trailer through the pasture back to the road, and took off.

I took some pictures as I drove through the pasture. Wide open spaces, just the way I like it!

You can see the look on all their faces: “What in the world is that girl doing driving that truck?!” Well Ms. Cow, I was wondering the same thing.

Herding the cows across a field back to their pasture.

Riding down the side of the road.

This little cow was quite the jumper.

I had to resist the urge to photoshop a moon right under this cow. This is the perfect “the cow that jumped over the moon” pose.

Fixing the fence where the cows plowed right through it. He did get shocked once or twice.

The life of a cowboy: chasin’ cows and fixin’ fences.

The cows got re-penned, I got the truck and trailer through the pasture without wrecking it, and the fence got fixed. Mission accomplished. Time to go home.

Maybe next time, I’ll herd the cattle.

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