What I learned in School Today



This has been quite a week! With the first round of tests and homework galore, there hasn’t been much time for picture-taking. However, in my photography class this week we had to turn in a project where we took pictures of letters that “happen naturally”. Up above is one of the one’s I turned in. All of these things I found in my house. For the H I used the bottom of a bar stool, the O is an old camera, the W is a spur-like thing we have on a fun Texas lamp, the D is the handle of another old camera, and the Y is a chain that hooks the three legs of a tri-pod lamp I have in my bedroom.

The fun part of this project is it really made you look at things in different angles. Had I gone looking for these letters at eye level, I wouldn’t have gotten a single one. But when you look at things sideways, from the ground up, from the top down, it completely changes the way you see things.

This picture for instance, is a nice enough picture.

This one, however, is a much more interesting picture.

My favorite rule of photography: Never be afraid to lay on the ground if it means getting a good picture.







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