National Champions?

A long time ago (last December) this happened. That’s my gorgeous little sister on the far left.

On that fateful day in December, I promised said little sister that if they won, I didn’t care what I had to do, I would be there when she performed at the national contest the following October (last month).

So of course, when they won, I had to keep my promise. So I begged professors to let me miss a week of class, quizzes, and tests, persuaded my boss to let me off work, and loaded up for Indianapolis.

Many MANY pictures were taken on that 32-hour road trip but those will have to wait for a separate post.

The team made it through the first round. Then the second round. After performing at the finals, in which they made the most incredible presentation I have ever seen, we went to the awards luncheon to find out the results.

Nerves were on edge.

They slowly started naming off the top 4 teams, starting with number 4. I think this was taken when they announced number 3. All that was left was California and Texas.

First reaction when they announced California was number 2, meaning Texas had won.

Congratulations from the ag teacher

And my dad, equipment hauler and setter-upper

Of course the first thing the girls do is get on their phones.

This seems vaguely familiar….

One proud sister.

Congratulations, Stamford Ag Issues Team! National Champions!

3 responses to “National Champions?

  1. Very cool! I wish I would have know you were there. We could have met up!
    If I had been in FFA I am pretty sure Ag issues would have been the contest I would have wanted to rock.

    • I wish we could have! I was planning on tweeting at you and planning a meet up but the contest schedule had us running the whole time we were there!
      Yea now that I’ve seen more about the Ag Issues contest, I wish I had done it in high school.

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