An Early Morning

As I have often mentioned, I love taking pictures of sunrises. I don’t know what it is, I just love it. So when I was home a few weeks ago, one of my goals was to get some more sunrise pictures.

The previous trip home I had discovered a great new spot for sunrise pictures- on the far side of the lake about 15 miles from my house.

So on this particular morning I woke up long before the crack of dawn, loaded up along with The Boy, who wanted to experience my sunrise adventures for himself, and drove out to the lake.

We got to the spot I wanted to shoot from just as the colors were hitting the horizon.

I do love the moment that the sun actually peaks from the horizon, but my favorite part is the minutes leading up to that moment. I once heard a saying that I always think of when I’m having a hard time in school or just life in general “The night is the darkest just before dawn.”
That is such a great quote for hope, but I think it leaves something out. The dawn that follows is most beautiful in that moment between night and day.

To tell about the lake and the spot we were at, the lake is owned by the town of Stamford. It is our whole water supply, and we also sell water to others. There are two sides, the Stamford side, closest to the town of Stamford, and the Haskell side, which is closest to Haskell. There are marinas on both sides, as well as some houses and cabins. We went to the far side, the Haskell side, in order for the lake to be between us and the sun. The particular spot we were standing was a spot I had discovered by mistake (isn’t that always how the best places are?) when I was at the lake on my previous home trip. It is a sort of peninsula, jutting out a little ways into the lake. This provided a great angle to get more of the lake in my pictures.

Of course, as goes with any and all sunset or sunrise pictures, you have to have some silhouettes, and since I had The Boy with me, he got to be the unwilling subject.

I know he was just so thrilled to wake up early on a weekend to drive to the middle of nowhere to watch me take pictures of the sun.

My favorite picture is always either the first or last picture I take. I can’t figure out why that is but that’s always how it works. This morning it was the very last:

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