2 Weeks In

I don’t know about you, but 2012 is flying by for me.

I’m already 2 weeks into my last(!) semester at Texas A&M and I still haven’t been able to get back in the swing of things. And with things being so crazy, I’m really slacking on my picture-taking. However, the day before I left my beautiful West Texas, I did drag myself out of bed early enough to go drive out in the middle of nowhere to take some pictures.

I was really disappointed at first. I missed the best colors because I was driving to get to where I could take good pictures, and by the time I got to a spot and set up, the best colors were gone.

This is a little church that is out in the middle of nowhere, about 10 miles east of my house. Behind the church you can see the wind turbines off in the distance. They made for some interesting silhouettes.

After the last bits of pink disappeared, the sun was hidden behind the clouds on the horizon and I was beginning to think the trip had been a bust. Then just as I was going to give up, an amazing thing happened.

The sun, although hidden, reflected off the clouds above it, creating beautiful bits of light escaping between the clouds.

Lesson from this sunrise trip: a situation may not turn out like you wanted it to, it may even start badly, but it can end up being amazing!

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