A Tweetup, Best Friends, and a New Direction

After three weeks of constant traveling, working, and school, I finally have a moment to catch my breath. But only a moment.

In those three weeks, a lot has happened. I’ve traveled all over the country side, turned 22, gone to a tweet-up, finally met my new best friend IRL (in real life),  seen 2 of my favorite music groups, and most importantly, decided to move to Oklahoma to pursue my Master’s degree. Like I said, its been a crazy three weeks!

The first weekend of February I traveled home to see my lovely family and pre-celebrate my birthday with them. In a moment of weakness, my parents succumbed to my begging for a new pair of boots, which led to the purchase of these bad boys:

Unfortunately they had to be ordered online. And I made the mistake of shipping them to my parent's house. But they will be mine at Spring Break!

The next weekend, I traveled 7 hours (with a pit stop Thursday night in Ft. Worth to see my old college roommate) to the middle of nowhere, AKA Stillwater, Oklahoma, for the #RosieGoesOkie tweet up. What is this tweet up thing you might ask? It’s where you meet your friends from twitter in real life!

I met Katie on Twitter and now we are best friends on twitter and in real life! (Pic courtesy of Katie)

This particular tweet up involved myself (@jessicadecker12), Katie (@katie_vaz), Levi (@redriver_outlaw), and our awesome Canadian friend for whom the tweet up was named Rosie (@rotempleton)!

Rosie and Katie: my hopefully soon to be roommates! (Pic courtesy of Katie)

Over the course of the weekend, I experienced life Oklahoma-style. We danced all night (ok, part of the night) at “The Weed” to the tunes of Micky and the Motorcars

Levi won the five rounds of pool we played. All of them.

Katie and Levi dancing so the crazy guy would stop asking her to dance.

After we lost so gloriously in pool, the next night we figured we’d change the game and go bowling!

It was girls vs. boys, and it was getting intense.

Seriously, how cute are we?

Out of the 3 games we played, the girls won one of them. But we looked cuter in our bowling shoes, and that’s really all that matters.

However the most important part of the trip happened early on. I toured the OSU campus with Katie and Levi and stopped in on the Ag Comm department to meet the advisers. After 20 or so minutes of talking to them, I knew I was in trouble. The girl who said she had had enough of school was considering grad school, and in Oklahoma no less.

A week, a million phone calls and emails, and hours of researching later, I am now in the process of putting together my application to OSU grad school. (cross your fingers!)

And finally, this past weekend I got my birthday present from the boyfriend.

His first Pappas experience in Ft. Worth

Robert Earl Keen live at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth.

Best. Present. Ever.

And now as my little break comes to an end, I’ll be gearing up for more school and work, traveling to Houston for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, taking the GRE (which apparently is harder than it looks), and more school and work. (Whoever said your senior year was the easiest was lying!)

Until next time…

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