Things You Learn From Star Wars

For those of you who were hiding under a rock or in an asteroid field this weekend, there was a Star Wars marathon on, all weekend long. Only the good ones of course (the first 3..or last 3, depending on how you look at it.) I may or may not have spent most of my weekend watching this marathon, and it occurred to me about halfway through “The Empire Strikes Back” that you can learn a lot from Star Wars. Here are a few that I noted.

The funny:

1) If you are ever in the market for a droid, choose the R2D2 versions over the C3PO. But do not remove the restraining bolt.

2) If you are going to build a giant weapon that can destroy entire planets, don’t make its self destruct button so easy to find.

3) Always let wookies win.

4) If you close your eyes and concentrate really hard and talk to someone in your mind, they will hear you and come rescue you. You can also pick up fighter jets with your mind.

5) Blasters have a 2% success rate on hitting anything. Just go with the light saber.

6) If someone says they know the person you are looking for, and they will take you to them, just go ahead and bet they are the person you are looking for.

7) Always make sure you know who your brother is.

8) Fashion in galaxies far far away kinda sucks. Unless you are Harrison Ford.

9) If they are British, they are likely a bad guy.

10) Never, EVER work for Darth Vader.

The serious:

11) Take Yoda’s word: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

12) Fear and anger lead to the dark side, so guard your thoughts.

13) You can always beat the odds.

14) There is a good chance that the moment farming became an undesirable profession was when Luke complains about not wanting to be a farmer like his family but instead be a pilot.

15) Wars not make one great.

16) It may take a while, but good will always overcome evil.

Just plain fact:

17) Jabba the Hutt was framed.

18) Ewoks are awesome.

Feel free to share your favorite Star Wars moments, and (I have to say it), may the force be with you, always.

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