I’d rather be taking pictures

When I’m working furiously on grad school work, or job work, or even just sitting around, I alway find myself thinking….I’d really just rather be taking pictures.

While my free time has decreased exponentially, and when I do find myself back in West Texas I have a difficult time hopping out of bed before daybreak to run out in the middle of nowhere, I still try to find bits and pieces of time to snap a few shots here and there.


Lately they’ve mostly been centered on the three cows in our pasture, and their babies. However, it turns out the babies are quick learners and come running up when I show up in the pasture, hoping to get a range cube or two, so it is almost impossible to get them to stay in the shot I intend on getting.

IMG_0133Instead, they end up licking my leg trying to get my attention.

IMG_0128I also had the wonderful opportunity to do senior pictures for some of the seniors in my hometown, including my darling little sister. She is by far the most photogenic of the Decker clan.


Quite the fashionista too.IMG_9265 IMG_9301 IMG_9127I even got her to do serious ones, although she had a difficult time getting the concept of a straight face, and now I have quite a few pictures with her making weird faces to blackmail her with if need be. Although I would never do such a thing.


I also recently got to take pictures of my college roommate, her boyfriend (now fiance!), and another couple. It was a very exciting morning, with a few hijinx pulled. IMG_8837 IMG_8869

These two got engaged just a few short weeks after the picture session. While there were whispers after the session that we wished Spencer would have asked her during the picture taking session, so there would have been lots of pictures of it, we were all glad he didn’t, after I declared that if that had happened, I would have dropped my camera and been jumping up and down with Nichelle, instead of taking pictures of it.

IMG_8563 IMG_8700The magic thing about photography is it is an instant memory. While it freezes in time one tiny millisecond, I can remember everything that happened around that picture.

I can smell the dirt and sweat and manure of a rodeo,

Or feel the peace and quiet of a sunrise over my favorite spot back home,

IMG_3441Or feel the excitement of winning a championship.

So while I’m working away, writing papers at my computer in Oklahoma, my heart is back in West Texas, or North Texas, or down the back roads of Oklahoma, or the highways in between. Whether it’s with sunsets or sunrises or cows or my friends and family, one thing remains the same. I wish I had a camera in my hands.



When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. 

-Ansel Adams

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