All About an Albertan

So a couple weeks ago, my wonderful friend Rosie (@rotempleton, aka the reason I am at OSU for grad school) wanted to do a photo shoot to get some professional head shots for her various social media platforms and such. So we set out one Saturday afternoon and made this happen.

Basically, she’s the most photogenic Canadian I’ve ever met.
IMG_0269 IMG_0310 I mean, the scenery was pretty and all, but seriously. She makes the pictures.IMG_0402 IMG_0428

Also, she’s single for all you boys out there….IMG_0446 IMG_0502So there you have it folks, Rosie the Albertan.

She’s already been informed I want to do more photo shoots with her in the future and you can be assured you will see the results when that happens.

What do you think about how our photo shoot turned out?

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