This past weekend was my sister’s senior prom. My parents, being the kind people they are, helped with the setting up and preparations and such, and somehow I got roped into helping. After everyone was finished setting up, I went to find my sister and her date so that we could take pre-prom pictures. She and a couple of her friends, along with their dates, ended up posing for the cutest pre-prom pics ever!IMG_0586

The little sister (@decker_13) and the big bro (@jamesdecker2006)IMG_0600

Besties since kindergartenIMG_0618

The girls.IMG_0619

The guys (with their brand spanking new FOOTBALL STATE CHAMPION RINGS!)IMG_0630

The group.IMG_0638

Boys showing off their rings and girls showing off their muscles and their flowers.IMG_0649The sister and her date.

There you go folks, the most adorable, should-not-be-this-old-yet group of seniors at the Stamford prom!

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