Back-roading in Oklahoma

It may not be Texas, but back roads anywhere are a beautiful thing.



There’s just something about back roads. No matter where they are, it makes you feel like you’re at home (unless home for you is New York City).



A few of my friends and I spent an evening driving around outside Stillwater. We had no particular direction we were heading, we just took off and when we came to an intersection someone shouted which way to go.


We saw some beautiful country, but my favorite was where the one of the roads we were on intersected with a rail road.IMG_6326

Since it was a low-traffic road, we took the chance to take pictures all over the rail road, which I’ve always wanted to do but never had found the right spot. This spot was definitely the right spot!IMG_6307


You never know where you might find a perfect spot. Even in Oklahoma!

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