Post-Calving Time at 5D



A few months ago was my favorite time of the year back home on our ranch– calving season. It’s the time of  year when there are babies everywhere and protective mommas make sure you know they are present.



Of course, as the calves grow and become a little more independent, their mommas don’t mind you getting a little closer, so while I was at home over Memorial Day weekend, I took advantage of the beautiful, rain-free day– and the growing and ever-curious calves.


This little fellow in particular was quite the curious one. He came *this close* to letting me touch him, but he wasn’t quite that brave.



It’s been quite an unusual year at 5D Cattle, since it was May and we still had green and growing winter wheat. While we West Texans will never in a million years complain about rain, we were very glad we still had wheat since the rain had delayed our summer grass getting planted. 


We also had a record number of bulls this year. Not a bad predicament to be in during years like this when cattle prices are at such highs, but it also means keeping fewer calves back to grow the herd.


Because it was such a beautiful, non-windy day (a rarity in West Texas), we also sat and watched the crop duster who was spraying our neighboring field for  a while.



Note: no photographers or father-drivers were harmed in the making of this photo. Telephoto lenses come in very handy when you are trying to stay out of the way so you don’t get sprayed.



For those who haven’t watched crop dusters before, the pilots of these little planes are part daredevil. Their job is to sweep a field with whatever chemical they are spraying, while not causing too much drift. To do this, they have to get as close to the field as possible. When power lines run next to a field, they have to get low quick after passing the line, which often means they look like they are about to hit the line. But these guys are experts, so it just looks terrifying to the rest of us.FM2A9244


Seeing West Texas so green after many years of drought was a beautiful sight.  FM2A9030


Seeing all the green with happy, full cows and calves was perfect.




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