Blogs to Check Out

As I have delved farther into the blogging and social media world, I have found a whole group of bloggers who share my passion for picture-taking, agriculture, and have weird, random lives that they love to document on their blogs in a humorous way. While this is by no means a complete list, these are the ones I follow most regularly.

Agriculture Proud
Ryan is dedicated agriculturist who shares his story as well as news and updates about what is going on in the agricultural industry.

Kelly M. Rivard
 Kelly is crazy, quirky and absolutely awesome. She blogs about anything and everything agriculture.

Absolutely Agriculture
 Rosie is from Canada. She spells things with “ou” rather than just  “o”. She is a transplant in Oklahoma where she transferred to Oklahoma State University for her degree. She blogs about agriculture as well.

Crystal Cattle
She is Canadian as well but she now lives in the US. She blogs about ag, and check out her posts on Thursdays: Turquoise Thursdays!

Rural Gone Urban
 Brooke falls under the “documents life in a humorous way” title as well. Her posts will always give you a good laugh.

The Pioneer Woman
This one is obvious. Who doesn’t love the Pioneer Woman?

One response to “Blogs to Check Out

  1. You ever consider listing My Generation from Holly Spangler on our staff – she covers a range of topics and her blog is very rural. As a writer, and farm wife, she brings an interesting perspective to the debate. Just a self-promotion thought.

    Keep up the good work.

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